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Image Consulting

Image Consulting

Why do some people generate an image so powerful that it fascinates us? Because a style is more than the clothes we put on; it's a representation of your identity.

There comes a moment in our life when we feel overwhelmed and when we no longer feel true to who we are. It's probably the time to ask yourself and search for the right style that will fully express what we want to convey to others.

The information that you will acquire during this session will allow you to understand how to increase your potential to accentuate your personal power and your well being ... To each her style; let's find yours together.

The results will allow you to feel more liberated and more valued. To regain self-esteem and to increase confidence, which has a positive impact on your social and/or professional life.

Typical procedure of an Image Consultation:
- Study of colorimetry
- Style analysis
- Analysis of the morphology
- Dressing & sorting of your wardrobe. Listing of the missing pieces for a complete and easy going wardrobe
- Personal Shopping

 Price starting at 500€ ( 1 day ).


Wardrobe Detox, Color Analysis & Shopping Tour.

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Wardrobe Detox

Are you one of those women who is stuck in front of their wardrobe with the eternal: "I have nothing to wear"?  Do you know that most women use only 20% of their wardrobe? Why continue to pile up garments without being able to wear them?  It's time to do a detox of your closet.

After a pre-questionnaire to get to know you better, Cécile H. goes to your home for a special evaluation session. An analysis of your lifestyle allows her to find the perfect balance in your wardrobe: work, sport, leisure, outings and create a wardrobe that is "smart" and appropriate for all the occasions you will have.

Then Cecil H. determines what suits you best taking into account your morphology, your colorimetry, your desires and day by day needs which will allow for the elimination of the pieces that are no longer necessary.

Based on your body type Cecile H. will advise you on what suits you best in terms of cut, shape, color, materials, fabrics, prints, and the right size of clothes. We will create new outfits from the clothes you already have and she will make a list of garments that you should purchase to optimize your wardrobe and fill in the gaps.

At the end of this session Cecile H. will give you a list of shops of where to find the new items or we can agree to do the shopping together.




                              Color Metrics

Discover the colors that suit you best, play with them to deliver the right message, and master the perfect harmony between the color palettes.

Through a process that determines your natural tone (hot or cold), you will get to understand the right colors and complements (clothing, accessories, jewelry, make up and hair) to frame your face are in  harmony with your natural tone.

When all the colors are in balance, then we emit a more radiant and healthy appearance.

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 Shopping Tour

In Paris for a few days? and do not know where to shop or find the real designers that Parisians love? 

Cecile H. will take you all over Paris to go to the flagship stores or discover the hidden treasures of new designers. 

We will shop together like a true Parisian!